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The North Shore Archives Society

The North Shore Archives was established in the early 1980s by a dedicated group of volunteers under the guidance of the late Anna Hamilton. Its goal was, and still is, to collect, organize and preserve local materials relevant to the genealogy, life and times, and history of this part of northern Nova Scotia. And a rich history it is!

Mi’kmaq, Acadian, Foreign Protestant, Scots, Irish, and many others have all left their heritage and cultural mark on this region. The Tatamagouche area today is multicultural and hosts the second largest Oktoberfest in Canada. The volunteers at the North Shore Archives work diligently as their organization continues to grow and evolve as the interest in tracing ancestry and learning about the past grows.

The North Shore Archives volunteers manage a collection of family records, obituaries, cemetery records, maps, newspaper clippings, pictures, etc. relevant to Tatamagouche, Malagash, Wallace, Pugwash, Wentworth, River John areas.

The North Shore Archives also has a great deal of information on local history. At our facility you can find out about:

  • The Mi’kmaq and how they lived
  • The Acadians, the Grand Derangement(Expulsion in 1755)
  • The Battle of Tatamagouche in 1745
  • J.F.W DesBarres, and the Foreign Protestants from Montbeliard
  • Wellwood Waugh and the Scots
  • The Irish
  • Days of the Ships, farming, fishing, lumbering mining in our area
  • Photos (of one-room schools and their students) etc.)
  • Obituaries and cemetery records
  • Maps
  • Books and articles about the northern part of Colchester County
  • Some materials pertaining to Cumberland and Pictou Counties
  • Community Memories Projects
  • Articles about life and times in days of yore
  • Genealogical data of families from the Tatamagouche area
  • Wilda Marcotte, Janet MacKay, Spencer Hutchinson, etc.
  • Roy Kennedy Historical  Collections
  • Fonds:
  • Our archival records supplement museum exhibits.

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