It’s our fundraiser in support of community outreach programs!

Artists and makers from around the region have generously offered to make a work of art on the chairs and paintable objects we have “picked” from antique and vintage shops. Each of the objects reflects the heritage of our rural area, and

speaks of a life lived in farmhouses, villages and towns of northern Nova Scotia. We are showcasing the art pieces at the Heritage Centre as part of our Tenth Anniversary celebrations this summer. Each artwork is offered for sale during the busy Creamery Square Farmers Markets, on Saturday mornings throughout July and August.


1. Artists receive 40% of the sale price

2. Paintable objects were purchased for the artists’ use by the Heritage Society

3. Some paint supplies have also been donated

4. The remaining 60% of the sale price will be used by the Heritage Centre to fund community programs, such as talks on local heritage, children’s activities, workshops and events

5. Each object will be presented with profile materials about the artist/maker

6. A selection of completed works will be exhibited in Tatamagouche village shop windows one week before the launch of the sale, with a profile of the artist/maker

7. Launch date is June 29, Canada Day weekend, during a special community celebration

8. An appreciation reception for the artists/makers will take place on September 1 at 2 pm, with refreshments, presentations and remarks.

Contact Beth Carruthers to pick up a paintable object @ 902-657-2679 . email [email protected] Contact Gail Tuttle for information and details @ 902-890-3984 . email [email protected]

Margaret Fawcett Norrie Heritage Centre, 39 Creamery Road, Tatamagouche, NS. B0K 1V0

Artist Profile : Cris Sontag

Artist Profile : Christene Sandeson

In an attempt to crystallize memories and to depict joy, my acrylic paintings
spring from my life experiences. I re-brush, re-evaluate, and reshape my acrylics into
loud and soft shapes and colours until the image suggests meaning. Like our
constantly transforming cells that are revised and updated in our bodies until they
become conscious, my paintings are layered and somewhat surreal.

Universal contrasts and continuums inspire me. I try to locate a point along
the simple ebb and flow of life, or from within the growth and decline of dreams, or
along the metaphoric richness and frailty of our (my) human condition that seems
special for personal reasons. From that attempt, I imagine where it might exist
vertically along the continuum of sinking depths and emerging lights. From there I
apply layers of texture between glazes of shape in warm colours to capture that
thought. Mine is a slow but engaging process!

Early in my art career, I was fortunate to receive the Elizabeth Greenshields
Foundation award and to exhibit regionally. In addition to private collections my
work can be found in the notable public collections: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, The
N.S. Court of Appeal, Institute for Early Childhood Education, and, Isaac Walton
Killam Children’s Hospital in Halifax.

I accepted roles in Art Education to support my art practise and later to
support my family. My early opportunities included interim art professor at the former
N.S. Teachers College, Art Expression programmer with Correction Services Canada,
and producer of the televised “Secrets of Seeing” with Eastlink TV. In 1999, I
accepted a full-time position teaching High School Art with the Chignecto Central
Regional School Board (Visual Arts 10, 11 & 12 and Virtual Art 10 & 11 at South
Colchester Academy). I enjoyed all of this work although it did extract me from the
painting community for periods of time.

Now retired from formal teaching, I devote my time to studio practise, teaching
art to adults, and being with my loved ones. You can view my work at Marigold
Cultural Centre (Truro, N.S.) and online

Christene Sandeson

734 Kennedy Rd. Brookfield, NS, B0N 1C0
<[email protected]>