Jack and Zack and the Stove


Hi there - We found a stove - well Zack did really, and I wasn’t far behind! We found it interesting because it was made near here at a foundry in Brule. The foundry started some time in the 1860’s and produced all kinds of things from farm  tools to school desks, and…stoves. This one is quite handsome with places for pots and pans,  and doors opening to ovens; places for irons to heat up (no electricity in those days). There is a shelf underneath  - we heard someone say that weakly newborn lambs would be placed on the shelf near the heat to help them survive - and in very cold weather even a new born baby might be placed there. That’s a bit scary…suppose you forgot and left it too long! Moooo.

Jack and Zack and the Tartan

scottish kilt & jacket

It’s us again – Jack and Zack - and look what we found! We both want to wear something like that …we would probably have to take it in turns to wear the kilt, and the jacket could be a problem but we like the sporran and the ‘thing’ flung over the shoulder! We found out that lots of people in this area had ancestors who came from Scotland quite a long time ago...they had ‘Mac’ as part of their surnames. We think MacZack and MacJack would be good. We heard someone wondering what the tartan was….now we have to find out…perhaps someone in the Archives will know, or we will have to listen carefully when visitors go round the exhibits – let you know next week, and perhaps who wore it!

Jack and Zack and the Toys


Zack has just found a little glass display case of old toys...he keeps trying to open it because he wants to look at the book, and try using the marbles... it says they are made of stone! That's odd 'cause the ones in the gift shop are made of glass...oh well. Perhaps it is because they are old. I want the little bath... I could put one hoof at a time in it - maybe.  And I rather fancy the little stove - wonder if it works...I could cuddle it when it gets cold. But it is no good.  We cannot get in to the case and it is too high for us to break by jumping on it . Bother - we will just have to look for something else to do....Zack - what do you think THAT is.....?

Jack and Zack and the Washing Machine

washing machine

You know, Zack and I thought we would have a bath! We found this ‘thing’ that said it was a ‘washer‘….we climbed in but it was full of funny bits of wood that moved up and down - so there wasn’t room for us as well….and there wasn’t any water…and we didn’t know what the handle on the side was used for. So it was a bit of a disappointment…but then we realized it was a clothes washer and the wood bits moved up and down bashing the clothes  in the water when the lower handle was turned. And the roller bits at the top were for putting clothes through to get the water out when that handle was turned. Someone said it was a mangle…I tell you, it certainly would have mangled us if we had used it….makes me feel funny to think of my legs being squelched like that. Don’t think we will try for another bath. Anyway it would be awfully tiring filling the machine with water and emptying it. l think we will find a stream or pond....or we could go in the river behind the heritage building...Yes!

Jack and Zack and Traps and Horns!

the bear trap

It’s Jack and Zack…we had a bit of a scare - we nearly walked into the bear trap -  luckily the teeth were closed - but what a nasty, cruel way to catch any animal….we heard that at one time people were trapped that way too. Gamekeepers set the traps to catch men who were hunting illegally on private property. Just imagine creeping along when - zap .. and the trap closes round your leg….but Zack forgot all this because he saw the pistol on display and wants to pretend to be a Highwayman…I don’t  know how he intends to do this and carry a powder horn…made from a …cow’s horn!

old pistol & powder horns

That's not very nice, after all we are related to cows! I said he should use the metal powder case (on the right in the photo), or the shot case (on the left;  the horns are underneath). Powder and shot were used before bullets came along, but it all sounds a bit too complicated to me.  Well I am not going to do it, so he will have to go alone - but he can’t without me….so there! I bet he will sulk…but I am going to have a sleep before we go exploring again.

Zack and Jack on Stage

Senator Stage

Hullo - It's Jack and Zack again. We think we have done most of the museum! Probably lots of things we have missed, but never mind -you will have got some idea of what it is like here. Now we want to go outside; if we are very clever (which of course we are) we should be able to slip out of the back door when no-one is looking. They are all too busy to miss us....so...here we go! Luckily the floor has carpet so our hooves won't make a noise...oh dear - there is a fly screen, but if we push our noses hard at the bottom - a bit of net is torn....oops....perhaps they will not notice. The rip in the net is quite a bit larger now...we're through....and there is a flight of steps; we both want to go first...perhaps we can go sideways. Careful - there are people working in a large shed with sliding doors. Cannot think what they are doing so must get nearer...if we creep behind this other structure - what is it? There's a raised wood platform with a wood wall at the back which has railings set in it and there is a roof but no proper sides......oooeeer.... someone's coming...lie down Zack, perhaps they won't see us. It's a man and he has walked to the middle of the platform, turned and raised one arm, and held the other out in front...what on......he's shouting something.... "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears...I come to bury Caesar not to praise him..." Who is he talking to? We are not his friends, and what are Romans? And we are calves not countrymen...we don't care who he buries so long as he goes away.... Oh, there are a couple of people listening to him..."That's fine Fred, we can hear you easily. Is the poster large enough? Good - see you at the rehearsal." What poster? What rehearsal? Good, they're going - now we can see what they were talking about. One, two, three and we can jump on to the platform...there's the poster..."BARD BY THE BAY", The Senator Stage, Creamery Square, Tatamagouche, September 6th and ' The Year of Her Majesty's Reign' 4 of the clock. Bring your own seat!" That's here...Zack - we are on a stage...we can prance and mooooooo and our hooves will make tap, tap noises ...yippee. We can perform! Oops - we forgot the men in the shed, so must hide again - bother. They look a bit puzzled - thought they heard a cow. Perhaps they will go soon....hmmm...some good grass here - excuse us while we munch and think about what we do on stage..to be a calf or not to be a calf, that is the question.

Zack & Jack, the two-headed calf

Phew …it’s really hot here today; I can just see the water of the Waughs River through the open door.. and it makes me feel thirsty.   Zack is moaning about the ‘nasty thing ‘hanging above his head. He says the twisted metal spike on the end  looks like an instrument of torture and it could be forced into his body.


Oh he is silly – if he listened he would know that actually it is for breaking up the last bits of sugar at the bottom of a barrel – beyond arms reach -OR- it is for lifting the last apples from a barrel. We hear it is a little unusual. I would like to have a go – if I didn’t have hooves, and I had a barrel with something in it to lift out.

Tonight when no-one is around, we are going exploring – who knows what we will find!  Tell you later.
See you,  Jack.

Slow Cooker


Hello there – this is Jack …Zack says ‘hi’ too.. but it sounds a bit mooo like…I cannot hear him too well as he is turned away from me, and is staring at what he says is a ‘two-seater’ toilet! He’s got it wrong of course – it is actually an early slow cooker and is in the kitchen section of the museum – but Zack isn’t very bright…and he doesn’t listen. I heard one of the guides telling a visitor that some time ago the kitchens got very hot in summer especially with a large stove needed for cooking.  So women would heat iron discs and put them inside the thing you see in the picture; this was made so the heat could not escape. They placed what had to be cooked on top of the disc then closed the lid. The food would cook slowly and the hot stove was not needed. So it was an early slow cooker  – I think it was rather clever. Now I am looking at…..but that can wait until next time, because it involves a dog! We don’t like dogs much because they nip at our hooves…..I shall close my eyes and perhaps it will go away.

Swords and Toast


Good morning – but it’s not – I can see the rain on the windows – never mind.  You remember last time I mentioned a twisty metal thing above my head ? Well, Zack says it is a toaster!  He says you put slices of bread between the upright bits of metal then push it toward the fire; when they are done you turn the slices round- have to be a bit careful of the hot metal, though.  I don’t know how he  found out about that, because we do not eat toast – he said we needed something nice to put on it – peanut butter???? Never heard of it. I am far more concerned about the long, narrow thing with spikes along the edge which is also hanging above us – about a meter long (how long is that?  (If it was measured in calves feet I could tell you).

DSC09642 cl

Well – someone said it was a swordfish sword! Zack said that was nonsense because fish do not wear swords – they couldn’t handle one. But… I heard the sword was attached to the front end of the fish – it stuck out from where a nose would be. I wonder what it would be like to have that thing sticking out – every time you moved your head – wham – you might hit something.  Did they saw through seaweed or coral or…other fish ..or fight duels with each other? Just suppose Zack and I had one on the end of our noses…hmmmm.