Introducing Jack and Zack

wheel chair

It’s us!  Jack and Zack ! We did it – we went exploring. Our glass case was cleaned today and we were lifted out – but they didn’t put us back because they hadn’t finished. Sooo -after everyone had left we went to the wheelchair . You can see it in the picture. The trouble was how to sit in it – either I sat on Zack’s head or he sat on mine – neither of us fancied that….well the ‘sat on ‘ wouldn’t see much. In the end we climbed on sideways with our legs hanging over the side – that way we could both see and we could turn the wheels with out hooves. The chair is quite comfortable – I wonder if it came from the old Tatamagouche hospital?  Anyway we passed an old dental chair and a bear trap, then we were going faster and faster and couldn’t stop……well we did because we hit a door saying “North Shore Archives”…and we fell off. We both bawled loudly but no-one came so we hobbled back to where we started. We had to leave the chair though…..I expect how it got there will be a bit of a mystery….Mooo