Jack and Zack and a trip to the Farmer’s Market, Grain Elevator, and Arts Centre

farmers market mcd

It’s Jack here again – of course that means Zack is here as well, but he’s asleep at the moment, so I can tell you about our latest trip outside. We managed the back stairs again and because it was a Saturday, if we were careful we could get into the Farmers’ Market without being seen. We scurried behind the flower beds and got in through a side door. We were able to hide under a table- and saw an awful lot of legs -hairy ones, tanned ones, muscular ones ….none like ours so a bit boring really.

We could smell something good cooking, and heard people eating and I had to stop Zack popping out to beg. We managed to crawl along under the tables and could just see lots of vegetables and apples, and bread and jars of honey, and jam and preserves, and …bread, and glittery things, and nice smelling candles and soaps, and bread…yum…and maple syrup, and cheese…..and Zack poked his head out too far and a child saw him, so we had to hurry back under a row of tables; there was another open door and we could see a tall, odd looking building – someone said it was the old grain elevator, and that there were some moo-tiques there.

grain elevator

Perhaps we misheard, anyway there were far too many people coming and going and more stalls ( and – popcorn) – for us to go and investigate – so we went back the way we came and slinked round cars until we came to another building way across the car park. The outside looked almost finished, and we managed to get in through the front door space into a large room – (we heard it had once been the Ice House for the Creamery) but the floor was gravel and the walls weren’t completed and there was a lot of wood and tools around so we went further in- along a corridor and into a huge space…..with a stage at one end – Wow – Zack got very excited and wanted to get up on the stage to sing….no way…he can moo well enough, but – sing??? We heard men talking about the Centre for the Arts and the theatre, and the “acoustics” (what are they?) and the seating and how one could buy a seat and have your name put on it – and by giving more money you could have your name on a plaque …We really fancied that!

Arts Centre mcd

Wonder when there will be things happening in the theatre ’cause we really want to go – perhaps there will be courses, and plays and music and art shows and lectures and…….yes – we would be the best educated two headed calves ever! Can’t wait for this building to be finished. There were not so many people around, so it was easier for us to get back …wonder what we can do next time – explore the Butter Trail perhaps…….the Train Station and the Wharf……yes!