Jack and Zack and the Butter

Hullo Everyone,

Oh dear – we feel bad because we haven’t written to you, but we were too tired! So many visitors meant we had to stand still for hours and by the time we could go exploring our legs just would not work. Anyway, last night we did get down the stairs to see the old creamery machinery.

Butter pasteurizer

There was a long silvery rectangular tank, called a ‘pasteurizer’; Zack thought it was something to do with pastures, and then thought it meant ‘past your eyes’, but I seem to remember someone saying it was for heating the cream to a very high temperature, to kill nasty things in it…what sort of nasty things? We never found anything in the cream we drank. Then there was a very, very big silvery cylinder with an opening near the top – the churn; this was where the cream went to be actually turned into butter. We tried jumping up to see what was inside, then Zack found a pipe opening and stuck his head through – well of course he got stuck which meant I couldn’t go anywhere. He started bawling and the sound was magnified by the cylinder…a dreadful noise, which frightened me so I was scrabbling and mooing – finally he laid his ears flat and I shot forward and hit a butter paddle hung on the wall – I expect the staff will wonder how it got on the floor. Never mind. Then we came to a large machine which actually put the butter into the sort of packet you see in the shops – Tatamagouche Butter! BUT next to that was a table with little jars and a carton of cream…and someone had left the lids off the salt and colouring,- sooooo…we each filled a jar and jammed the lids on, but our hooves couldn’t shake them, soooo…we ran round and round the exhibit…mine turned into butter but Zack dropped his and the lid came off and yellowy liquid and bits of butter flew all over the place…. and on us. Well, we licked ourselves clean, but couldn’t clear up the mess on the floor. We rather wonder what the staff will think when they come in the morning….oh well!