Jack and Zack and the Cold Room


You know, Zack and I were not really scared when we heard that voice in the dark -it was just that we didn’t expect it – and later we discovered that it was a hologram and not a real person at all!  Actually it was kind of fun. Anyway the next night we went to explore the old pieces of creamery machinery, but that got a bit out of control because Zack insisted on pushing open a big heavy door with iron handles….it led to a cold room, he said, where they stored the butter, and that it would be good to feel cool and perhaps try some butter. Well – we could just reach the light switch. The room wasn’t cold and there was no butter, – all we could find were ladders and shelves – more a store-room really. One box said ‘Dress-up for children.’ It had some strange clothes in it….long dresses made of satin and brocade, and a jacket with gold buttons and braid. We tried to put them on but four legs and two heads made it difficult; however we could wear the hats and head-dresses and managed a red and green cloak with a gold chain. There were cutlasses too and we had a great time trying to use those…BUT, I don’t know how it happened…somehow we knocked against the door and it shut with a great bang!

So – we had to spend the night shut in the cold room; it wasn’t so bad – we found tools, and lots of drawers full of things -pictures we could colour (we found crayons), games to play, a staple gun – (we used that to put up our pictures), glue and packets of feathers and sequins – I tell you – we had a good time shut in that room, but it did get a bit messy and we couldn’t control the feathers.

They flew everywhere and quite a few stuck to us. We got a bit worried about being found in the morning so we built a sort of ‘ hide’ out of cardboard boxes and cuddled up in it when we heard people moving around. Two men came to collect ladders and didn’t notice the mess or us…phew…we were able to creep back to our place without anyone seeing us – but people were VERY puzzled about the feathers, and rather cross because they drifted everywhere! Oh well!