Jack and Zack and the Flying Cloud

scale ship model

Here we are again  and we’ve just been looking at all the bits and pieces to do with ships, like telescopes, half models, things for measuring speed and depth and how ships navigated….and then we found…..a large model of a ship in a huge glass -fronted cabinet.  I think we must have the sea in our blood because we would love to have sailed in the clipper ship….or any of the schooners, frigates, brigantines that were built along these shores. The clippers were the largest and fastest of the sailing ships, and this one – ‘The Flying Cloud’  wasn’t built here, but the model on display here was built nearby and donated to the museum.  Zack and I are going to pretend we were on board staggering around as waves hit the bow, scampering up the rigging to set sails (come to think of it this could be difficult for us)….but we’d be good at keeping watch ‘cause we could see in two directions at once, as the ship heaves up and down, up and down…….hmmmmmm….I think I am feeling a bit peculiar – and if I am then Zack is too……perhaps we will stay on shore… and sing Sea Shanties instead……”What shall we do with the drunken sailor?…What shall we do with the drunken sailor?….What shall we do with the drunken sailor ….earl-aye in the morning?”