Jack and Zack and the Giants

WE ARE BACK!  Hate to tell you  but we over-hibernated, and only just woke up! To tell you the truth we are feeling a bit `wobbly` – well,  we are over 100 years old and it is beginning to tell, but we are determined to explore again.

Zack heard people saying that there were Giants in one of the rooms – so we waited until the Centre was empty then Zack peeped in through a high doorway, and there … they…were! A huge lady and gentleman….  Zack backed out fast,( which meant I had to stumble forward),  but they didn’t come after us, so this time I went in first. Of course they were photographic models, so we could get close to them – they towered above us – 8 feet tall…wow. Anna Swan was her name, and she and her husband, Captain Martin Van Buren Bates, had both lived before we were born, so they were dressed in strange clothes; there was a pair of his trousers hanging up – we could have got inside one leg they were soooo big. As for Anna’s dress……..


We looked into a cabinet and there was one of Anna’s actual shoes – it was vast –  and his wedding ring would fit over one of our hooves.  They worked in a circus – we would like that – BUT do you know that in Tatamagouche, the new micro brewery  has used  ‘Jack and Zack’  as their logo …fame at last!

Zack says I have burbled on enough….but next time we are going downstairs….to see something very, very, very old! So goodbye for now and if you want to see Anna, then she is on our website, but better still, come and see for yourself at the Heritage Centre – we will be there too!