Jack and Zack and the Perambulator

Wheeeee…here we go….Zack and I are sliding down a ramp…it’s the approach to the fossil section of the Heritage Centre; I let him go first, so now it’s my turn..oops..we landed in a small picnic table. Of course we had to see what was on it….hmmm -dinosaur puzzles, and blocks and ‘make a picture’ and ‘sort’ footprints…and hand puppets of fearsome creatures…we haven’t got hands…oooer -they fit over our heads…. roarrrr….grrrrr. Yes, well….OHHHHHH there really IS a fearsome creature..it is brown and has awful teeth and big claws and a sort of fin along it’s back and its facing us..well me, no, Zack ..no, me – Stop turning round Zack…but it is not moving….phew – it is a model…of a dimetrodon. That is a relief! It seems to be eyeing much smaller, green coloured creatures that are emerging from some water. Zack says they are called seymouria, (He must have read that), and lived over 200,000,000 years ago. Wow – that`s older than us! Look at all those oooooo. I guess it was before there were any people like you, around….I wonder what it was like then…..a strange world – even the trees were different. LOOK at that GIANT DRAGONFLY! I`ve seen small ones flying around near the water, but this one……I’m glad it’s not alive.
Zack has found some buttons to press. Oh, pretty – on the wall there are coloured footprints, showing where the seymouria actually walked across the mud. Several different coloured tracks in fact, and you can see where they tails dragged…cool! Perhaps one day someone will find our footprints …that will puzzle them as our hoof prints will be in opposite directions.
I can see a `sort tray` – I don`t care what Zack wants to do I am going to see what I can find hidden there. This will probably take a while…..yes …a seashell fossil – it came from a desert? ..huh.?..that means at sometime the desert was water….must think about that.
Zack…stop tugging…..he’s found…something….. Until next time then……J and Z