Jack and Zack and Traps and Horns!

the bear trap

It’s Jack and Zack…we had a bit of a scare – we nearly walked into the bear trap –  luckily the teeth were closed – but what a nasty, cruel way to catch any animal….we heard that at one time people were trapped that way too. Gamekeepers set the traps to catch men who were hunting illegally on private property. Just imagine creeping along when – zap .. and the trap closes round your leg….but Zack forgot all this because he saw the pistol on display and wants to pretend to be a Highwayman…I don’t  know how he intends to do this and carry a powder horn…made from a …cow’s horn!

old pistol & powder horns

That’s not very nice, after all we are related to cows! I said he should use the metal powder case (on the right in the photo), or the shot case (on the left;  the horns are underneath). Powder and shot were used before bullets came along, but it all sounds a bit too complicated to me.  Well I am not going to do it, so he will have to go alone – but he can’t without me….so there! I bet he will sulk…but I am going to have a sleep before we go exploring again.