Phew …it’s really hot here today; I can just see the water of the Waughs River through the open door.. and it makes me feel thirsty.   Zack is moaning about the ‘nasty thing ‘hanging above his head. He says the twisted metal spike on the end  looks like an instrument of torture and it could be forced into his body.


Oh he is silly – if he listened he would know that actually it is for breaking up the last bits of sugar at the bottom of a barrel – beyond arms reach -OR- it is for lifting the last apples from a barrel. We hear it is a little unusual. I would like to have a go – if I didn’t have hooves, and I had a barrel with something in it to lift out.

Tonight when no-one is around, we are going exploring – who knows what we will find!  Tell you later.
See you,  Jack.