Jack and Zack and the Snowshoes

snow shoes and pants

Zack saw them first – the big wood rectangular shapes with a narrow bit at one end….they are hanging on the wall. If one of us stands on our legs the other might be able to read what they are…whoops….steady there…..snowshoes?   It says they are snowshoes.  Hmm. If we could get on to them it would certainly stop us sinking into the snow – when it comes.  I think we would have to put them on sideways, with the narrow bit sticking out at the side- I put my hooves on one and Zack uses the other, then we could sort of jump along …Hmmmm. Perhaps we could use one as a slide – with all 4 hooves on it  and find a slope to go down….  Those snowshoes are rather big and heavy – hard work to use.  We fancy the thick wool breeches seen there; if men aren’t wearing them – we will!