Good morning – but it’s not – I can see the rain on the windows – never mind.  You remember last time I mentioned a twisty metal thing above my head ? Well, Zack says it is a toaster!  He says you put slices of bread between the upright bits of metal then push it toward the fire; when they are done you turn the slices round- have to be a bit careful of the hot metal, though.  I don’t know how he  found out about that, because we do not eat toast – he said we needed something nice to put on it – peanut butter???? Never heard of it. I am far more concerned about the long, narrow thing with spikes along the edge which is also hanging above us – about a meter long (how long is that?  (If it was measured in calves feet I could tell you).

DSC09642 cl

Well – someone said it was a swordfish sword! Zack said that was nonsense because fish do not wear swords – they couldn’t handle one. But… I heard the sword was attached to the front end of the fish – it stuck out from where a nose would be. I wonder what it would be like to have that thing sticking out – every time you moved your head – wham – you might hit something.  Did they saw through seaweed or coral or…other fish ..or fight duels with each other? Just suppose Zack and I had one on the end of our noses…hmmmm.