Jack and Zack and the End of the Season

Yawn,, yawn. yawn… oh … Hullo there … sorry – Zack and I get very sleepy when there is no-one going round the museum. The Thanks- giving weekend has gone and we discovered the museum closed for the season on the Sunday.. here we were all eager to listen in and learn things – but someone turned off the sound systems so we were unable to hear the Anna Swan music, or the whistling of workers  and clip clop horse sounds and the hands on machines would not work, and the alarm systems were turned on – so we thought we had better stay quiet and still… we are going to hibernate until the Spring and dream about the 200 million year old fossil footprints and what made them…and think about who Boiler Bob was..so ..goodbye for now  and see you in the Spring of 2014.
 Love…Jack and Zack