Jack and Zack and the Perambulator

July 26 009 stroller c

Zack and I had a really good time last evening – well I did – Zack is still not too sure. After everyone had left the museum, we found the old school desks and both had slates on them – small rectangles of grey slate set in a wood frame – AND we found some chalk. These were used by children before note books and paper were easily available. So we had a great time drawing on the slates, holding the chalk in our teeth. Unfortunately Zack got so excited he bit the chalk and swallowed part of it.  I kept telling him it wouldn’t hurt his stomach – well my stomach too really, but he moaned and moo-ed and burped and hiccupped for ages until we found –  the perambulator! It was beautiful and sooo inviting. We managed to clamber up the big wheels and under the canopy and lay on our back, with our legs in the air. We imagined being pushed along the Main Street of Tatamagouche with its little shops, then down a road to the Butter Trail and Pattersons Wharf then back to  Creamery Square and the Heritage Centre, sniffing the wild flowers that grow along the side of the river; we hoped we would meet a deer or a bear – or see an eagle chasing a cormorant…well it’s nice to dream – even if Zack did bring back the chalk he swallowed – I was surprised – it was a rather large piece!