Jack and Zack and the Washing Machine

washing machine

You know, Zack and I thought we would have a bath! We found this ‘thing’ that said it was a ‘washer‘….we climbed in but it was full of funny bits of wood that moved up and down – so there wasn’t room for us as well….and there wasn’t any water…and we didn’t know what the handle on the side was used for. So it was a bit of a disappointment…but then we realized it was a clothes washer and the wood bits moved up and down bashing the clothes  in the water when the lower handle was turned. And the roller bits at the top were for putting clothes through to get the water out when that handle was turned. Someone said it was a mangle…I tell you, it certainly would have mangled us if we had used it….makes me feel funny to think of my legs being squelched like that. Don’t think we will try for another bath. Anyway it would be awfully tiring filling the machine with water and emptying it. l think we will find a stream or pond….or we could go in the river behind the heritage building…Yes!