Zack and Jack on Stage

Senator Stage

Hullo – It’s Jack and Zack again. We think we have done most of the museum! Probably lots of things we have missed, but never mind -you will have got some idea of what it is like here. Now we want to go outside; if we are very clever (which of course we are) we should be able to slip out of the back door when no-one is looking. They are all too busy to miss us….so…here we go! Luckily the floor has carpet so our hooves won’t make a noise…oh dear – there is a fly screen, but if we push our noses hard at the bottom – a bit of net is torn….oops….perhaps they will not notice. The rip in the net is quite a bit larger now…we’re through….and there is a flight of steps; we both want to go first…perhaps we can go sideways. Careful – there are people working in a large shed with sliding doors. Cannot think what they are doing so must get nearer…if we creep behind this other structure – what is it? There’s a raised wood platform with a wood wall at the back which has railings set in it and there is a roof but no proper sides……oooeeer…. someone’s coming…lie down Zack, perhaps they won’t see us. It’s a man and he has walked to the middle of the platform, turned and raised one arm, and held the other out in front…what on……he’s shouting something…. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears…I come to bury Caesar not to praise him…” Who is he talking to? We are not his friends, and what are Romans? And we are calves not countrymen…we don’t care who he buries so long as he goes away…. Oh, there are a couple of people listening to him…”That’s fine Fred, we can hear you easily. Is the poster large enough? Good – see you at the rehearsal.” What poster? What rehearsal? Good, they’re going – now we can see what they were talking about. One, two, three and we can jump on to the platform…there’s the poster…”BARD BY THE BAY”, The Senator Stage, Creamery Square, Tatamagouche, September 6th and ‘ The Year of Her Majesty’s Reign’ 4 of the clock. Bring your own seat!” That’s here…Zack – we are on a stage…we can prance and mooooooo and our hooves will make tap, tap noises …yippee. We can perform! Oops – we forgot the men in the shed, so must hide again – bother. They look a bit puzzled – thought they heard a cow. Perhaps they will go soon….hmmm…some good grass here – excuse us while we munch and think about what we do on be a calf or not to be a calf, that is the question.